English for General Purposes

Come and learn to speak
Come and learn to speak

Elementary to advanced

(no complete beginners)

30th July to 10th August 2018 (two week programme)


Objectives: The main focus of these courses is the development of listening and speaking skills through communicative activities. This does not mean that grammar is neglected however and the timetable will include specific lessons focusing area of grammatical relevance. Other aspects to be covered are vocabulary development, as well as some reading and writing. More advanced classes will also focus on idiomatic usage, appropriacy and register.


The English for General Purposes courses are suitable for adults from low-intermediate to advanced level. Courses are not normally suitable for people under the age of 18.


Every morning (except Wednesdays) there are two 90 minute lessons. One lesson will concentrate on grammar, vocabulary development and appropriate practice activities. The other will provide an opportunity to put new language to communicative use and to provide an integrated approach towards developing listening, speaking, reading, writing and pronunciation skills.


On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons there is a lesson of 2 hours designed to further skills development and increase fluency. The lessons are organised so that students are encouraged to put grammatical structures and vocabulary to practical use. Lessons are dedicated to activities such as letter writing, communicating by telephone, the media and other aspects of everyday language use. These lessons are tailored, as far as possible, to meet the interests and needs of the class.

Every Wednesday and Saturday there is a full day excursion organised to different places of cultural and historical interest in Scotland. These trips are included in the price.