English for Negotiations - tailored one week programme

The programme has been described as "down to Earth and practical" by attending managers and executives.
The programme has been described as "down to Earth and practical" by attending managers and executives.

This programme can be delivered all over the world on an individually agreed scheme or at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. 


The International Business and Negotiation Skills Programme is designed to meet the professional needs of students and managers who are not native speakers of English. Over years of working with managers from all over the world, we have witnessed great interest in the possibility of developing presentation skills, which are vital for those working in multi-national environments, as well as acquiring idiomatic, business English as a key to understanding the issues addressed by people from different countries, using English as a platform of discovering common interest. The third component of the programme focuses on negotiations and mediation.


Executives learn and share knowledge and experience here.
Executives learn and share knowledge and experience here.

Programme Description



-          Language of presentation

-          Setting your goals & objectives

-          Eye contact

-          Body Language

-          Visual aids

-          Pace and manner of presentation

-          Getting audience involved

-          Dealing with interruptions

-          Concluding


Idiomatic Business English

-          Language of International Business Meetings

-          Directness & Indirectness

-          Business English Idioms

-          Idiomatic Expressions

-          Understanding non-standard grammar




The programme on negotiations is divided into three stages. Each stage is combined with case studies, when participants have possibility to practice the acquired knowledge and to solve down to earth problems.The course is aimed at managers for whom the ability to negotiate is a must and for students who plan to follow the managerial career track.

Over the last seven years the programme has been attended by managers and presidents of international companies, who have perceived the programme as useful and practical.



Stage: 1


International Communication & Negotiations:

- Culture versus communication & negotiations

- Constructive communication in negotiations

- Achieving smooth communication on an international platform

What stops successful negotiations.

History of mediation & ADR.

Negotiation skills


Stage: 2


Leading & Managing Negotiations:

-          Common negotiating ploys

-          Dealing with tricky negotiations

Effective Negotiations:

-          Different styles

-          Positions & interests

Mediation Concept:

-          Evaluating BATNA & WATNA

-          Bargaining Styles

-          Leverage


Stage 3


Negotiation analysis:

Strengths & weaknesses

What to remember

Individual or team negotiations

Preparing negotiation team

Decision Phase of negotiations


Mediation Concept:


-          Breaking deadlocks

-          Generous Reciprocal Bargaining Theory

-          Problem vs. People